Thursday, 2 December 2010

Making the most of it

Took a trip over to Fairburn Ings ...on my surprise day off! Managed to negotiate the car park and make my way down Lindyke, under the railway bridge to the LEO site. I could see one (4 present apparently, I saw 3) sat in the bush with my naked eye. I set up my 'scope and enjoyed stunning views of one of these superb birds in the sun. Just love the cryptic plummage...and those EYES! I would have tried to get an image, I had my camera but unfortunately not the battery!! It wouldn't have been as good as this anyway...

Also had great views of a Buzzard.

Harsh weather continues to produce unusual road sightings, I nearly hit a Redshank today!...hard times.

Just watched the World cup farce. We had the best presentation, the best case, the best infrastructure etc etc but it's obviously a "spread the game around the world" scenario. Location, location, location. Nothing against the winners but vast distances involved in Russia (not that I'll be going) and that football hotbed Qatar...and I mean HOT, will test the players fitness. They'll be playing walking Football...can wait! Having said that, we couldn't pass to each other or run around in the cool of South Africa!

P.S We got TWO VOTES!!!

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