Friday, 1 October 2010

Empid - the last word - from me!

More secondhand quotes from Cape May, from those that see these thing regularly....

'I just saw a picture on Surfbirds by Mike Lawrence of the Alder Flycatcher which nicely shows the primaries opened slightly, revealing the length of the 1st (10th over here!) primary. As per my article on the Cape May website, you can clearly see that the 1st primary tip falls between the 5th and 6th primaries (6th and 5th over here) but is clearly relatively long and closer in length to the 6th (5th over here). This is a great starting point for Alder, while the head shape, eye-ring, relatively small bill and overall colouration are all ideal for Alder too. We should also remember the timing and the fact that Willows haven't been seen around here for nigh on a month now.'
Mike's image is here

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