Thursday, 23 September 2010

Last optics quote - ever

If you've followed this Blog...the thoughts of Chairman etc (one for the teenagers), you must have noticed my ramblings on optics. Now I am content, (after much deliberation and flux) with my recently purchased mint condition Leica Trinovid 8x32 BN's and my Leica APO 62 'scope. Having tried them all and shelled out a quid or two it's very satisfying to STOP!!! You only have to check out the optics threads on Birdforum to realize the attraction of "a better view desired". I admit to having joined a discussion lately (sad I know!) but found it strangely cleansing. The desire for something better can make you constantly restless/dis-satisfied.
Hope this doesn't sound too smug but my personal search is over. If you want more the thread concerned is here...

and here's another

Key comment from Kevin Conville:-
"Once a certain optics level is attained, handling and ergos and je ne sais quoi count for more than absolute visual performance. As long as these are held in our hands, looking at real moving subjects, I believe this is true."

What do you think?

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