Monday, 23 August 2010

Better views acquired!

Having dashed from Ferrybridge last night (returning from the Birdfair) in response to the the slow drip beep of the MEGA alert, I arrived at Patrington minus optics! This is not the first time this has occurred. Always feel it's better to arrive as soon as possible! Also there will probably be someone there already!!!
Came away rather quickly due to having left Rocky at home most of the day. Many thanks to the kind soul (who's name I've forgotten) who let me look through his scope.

As the bird was still present today I decided to go for better views at Spurn and maybe a record shot. Managed the above images with my hold and press digiscope technique. Well, you can see what it is? While I was there the bird was showing well off the Crown and Anchor to 100yds.

Excellent Yorkshire tick. Is it possible it's the same bird that was at Sammy's 3 years ago? A long time since my British tick at Foryd Bay, Gwynedd 25/8/1996! Anyway, a great start to the autumn. More to come...hopefully.

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