Sunday, 4 July 2010


Made my trip with Louise and Rock. Bit windy but definitely not complaining after a week of steaming heat! Always enjoy seeing 'our' seabirds, so lucky to have such a site in Yorkshire. It was fairly busy, but no trouble viewing with a little patience. Only slight hassle, as usual, was ensuring Rocky didn't get into any male dog situations! We gave the old boy a good walk from one end to the other and enjoyed the spectacle, the noise and well maybe not so much the smell!

Towards the northern end of the reserve I noticed a group of Gannets very close to the site for me? This enabled me to try a few digiscope shots through my Leica APO 62 using Louise's TZ7 Panasonic Lumix. You've heard my views on photography before so I won't go on...phew! Anyway just placed the camera over the eyepiece and pressed! Most of them just...nice, like this one. Note the soft focus!!

Quite pleased with these though...

n.b. All photos also viewable on Flickr

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