Sunday, 30 May 2010

Better View Desired

Woke up early this morning. As I was 'on my tod' I decided on the spur of the moment to re-visit Old Moor for hopefully better views of the SAVI'S WARBLER. Arrived to a long line of cars...surely can't be that many here? Drove around the roundabout to see they hadn't opened the gate yet! Eventually we all got in and parked and then trudged down the path again to the stake out.
The bird was heard singing almost immediately and within 20 minutes most people had managed to get very good views through a variety of 'scopes. I had amazing scope filling views of the bird singing through Gary Dayes Leica APO62, mine was somewhere down the line? The atmosphere was excellent with a very helpful attitude throughout.
Decided to go back home to drop the pooch off and freshen up. I'd met Richard Willison at Old Moor who said he was going to have a drive out to Spurn, so I decided to join him. Needed to pay a visit when I arrived , this almost certainly cost me views of a Golden Oriole which Richard had just seen at Sammy's Point! Never have had much luck with this species. Had a bit of lunch with the chaps then decided to return home as the weather went pear shaped.
Unfortunately this meant I caught some of the England game. Lets hope it's alright on the night!!

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