Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Photo Opportunity

The more astute amongst you may have noticed the lack of photographs on this Blog! This is a deliberate ploy, as I have seen many fantastic photos on other Blogs, taken with very expensive equipment, no doubt. These images are far superior to anything I could take with my gear! I do have a trusty and reliable Panasonic Lumix which has taken many superb photos on my trips Stateside, but these are generally taken from close rang as the birds are closer/tamer. I am and will remain a Birder who takes the odd (very odd) image.
This afternoon I was down the field convalescing. I took my camera but left it in the car. Sods law kicked in as three groups of Whoopers flew right over my head! This obviously wouldn't have happened if camera had been in hand. I'm not saying I will never post photographs... never say never, right?

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